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1980's College Basketball

1980 Indiana vs North Carolina, a game played 12-20-80,From the original "Classic Sports Network", Good picture! Notables include: James Worthy and Isaiah Thomas. Run time about 1 hr 30 minutes.


1980 NCAA Tournament: Kansas State vs Louisville, The Cardinals win in overtime. The Wildcats sport the old 2-tone purple/lavender uniforms. The game played in Lincoln, Nebraska. Outstanding picture


1980 NCAA Championship: Louisville vs UCLA, the Cardinals finally grab the brass ring! An outstanding version. Notables include: Darrell Griffith, Kiki Vandwege, Denny Crum and Larry Brown.


1-12-1980 NEBRASKA vs MISSOURI, An outstanding picture!




1981 Indiana vs Ohio State: CSTV Rebroadcast. Notables: Clark Kellog and Isaiah Thomas


1981 Missouri vs Louisville: Wavy, sub par picture. run time 1 hr 11 minutes.


1981 March 7, Oregon State vs Arizona St, Notables: Fat Lever, Alton Lister & Byron Scott


1981 NCAA Tournament game: Kansas State vs Oregon State, Picture is abit grainy,fuzzy... a "6+" or weak "7" depending on your opinion. Rolando Blackman hits the game winner for the Wildcats! 2 hours.


1981 NCAA Tournament game: Kansas vs Wichita State, In a game played at the Super Dome, the Shockers knock off their instate big brother. Very good picture! Notables include: Darnell Valentine, Cliff Levingston and Antoine Carr.


1981 NCAA Tournament: BYU vs UCLA, a "BYU Network" rebroadcast


1981 NCAA Tournament: BYU vs Notre Dame, a "BYU Network" rebroadcast


1981 North Carolina vs Kansas, an early season match up of two perinnal powers. The first UNC start for freshman "Mike Jordan"!  Very, very good picture! Other notables: James Worthy and Sam Perkins


1981, December 5 - Notre Dame vs UCLA 


1982, February 8 - Notre Dame vs UCLA


1982 Missouri vs Kansas State, Classic "Big 8" basketball! Missouri is ranked #1, Kansas State #13. Notables include: Norm Stewart, Jack Hartman, Steve Stipanovich and John Sunvold. Picture is not too bad! A strong "7"...not quite an "8". 1 hour, 18 minutes.


1982 Missouri vs Louisville 


1982 Georgia vs North Carolina, CSTV replay...notables: Vern Fleming, Dominque Wilkins, Michael Jordan, Sam Perkins and James Worthy! Excellent picture!


1983 Big 8 Tournament Semi-Final; Missouri vs Nebraska. Decent picture. A fun look at some familiar names: Sunvold, Stipanovich, "Freshman" Dave Hoppen & Stan Cloudy


1983 Final 4: Louisville vs Houston, outstanding assembly of talent! Very good picture!


1984 Missouri vs Oklahoma


1984 NCAA Tournament, Duke vs Washington. Network telecast, Very good picture! Notables include: Detleff Shremph, Jay Bilas and Johnny Dawkins


1984 NCAA Tournament: Richmond vs Auburn, from the original "Classic Sports Network", Notable: Charles Barkley. Very good picture, Run time right at 2 hours


1984 Olympic Gold Medal Game: USA vs Spain. A nice version of this game...the Spanish version fills the gap made by network cut aways. Notable 'college stars' include Michael Jordan, Chris Mullin, Patrick Ewing...about 1 hour 39 minutes


February 2, 1985 Nebraska vs Kansas, Cornhuskers put up a a fight, but Omahan Ron Kellog lights up the Cornhuskers for 39 points! Nebraska coach, Moe Iba...Larry Brown for Kansas. Picture is just a bit soft. I'd guess it a solid "7".


February 28, 1985 Nebraska vs Kansas, the Jayhawks drill the Nebraska in Lawrence. Nebraska coach, Moe Iba...Larry Brown for Kansas. Picture is just a bit soft. I'd guess it a solid "7".


1985 Indiana vs Purdue, the "Bob-Knight-chair-toss" game. Includes some local news stories about the chair throwing incident. By the way, Purdue wins the game. A decent picture, 7+.


1987 Nebraska vs Iowa State, A "master recording" from the Cyclone Television Network...a very nice picture! Cyclones piss away the final seconds without getting a shot off and lose 66-65! About 1 hour 31 minutes


1987 NIT Quarter Finals: Nebraska vs Washington, A "master recording"...just over 2 hours. Rarely has the Devaney Center been so energized! Cornhusker earn a bid to New York for the NIT 'Final 4'!


1987 NIT Semi-Finals: Nebraska vs So. Mississippi. The Cornhuskers 1987 post season run ends at Madison Square Garden. A "master recording"...about 1 hour 32 minutes.


1987 Nebraska vs Ohio St. The "Ameritas Classic" holiday tournament championsip. Very good picture! Run time about 1 hour, 45 mins


1988 Nebraska vs Idaho, A local Idaho broadcast. The Vandels drill Nebraska 83-68. Picture is just a bit soft. I'd guess it a solid "7". About 1 hour 33 minute


1988, January 27 Nebraska vs Kansas, in Lincoln, A "master recording"...about 1 hour 48 minutes. Beau Reid's shot at the buzzer stuns the National Champions!


1988 February 16 Nebraska vs Kansas, in Lawrence, made from a "master recording" from the Jayhawk Television Network. As ususal, the Jayhawks pound Nebraska in Lawrence.


1988 Midwest Regional Final: Kansas vs Kansas State, Outstanding picture! Notables include: Mitch Richmond, Danny Manning & KU coach Larry Brown


1988 Nebraska vs Colorado, Picture is just a bit soft, lacks a little color, sharpness. Nebraska wins in Lincoln, 75-67. About 1 hour 34 minutes


1988 Nebraska vs Creighton, In-state rivalry. Nebraska wins in Lincoln, 86-77. A "master recording"...very good picture! About 1 hour 44 minutes.


1989 Nebraska High School Class "B" State Championship: Wahoo vs Pius X, Wahoo's wild comeback win.


1989 NCAA Championship: Michigan vs Seton Hall

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