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Compilations and Shows;  1969 & Earlier Pro Basketball


HBO Sports: Kareem, A Minority of One


ESPN 30 for 30: Lakers vs Celtics 'Best of Enemies'. 3-part series


History of the ABA, HBO Sports...just under 1-hour


Harlem Globetrotters, The Team that Change the World.


Harlem Globetrotters, Classic Sports "Wide World of Sports" Vintage Meadowlark Lark Lemon and Curly Neal


New York Knicks Greatest Comebacks Compilation DVD, MSG TV...1) 11-28-69 vs Cincinnati Royals...2) 11-18-72 vs Milwaukee Bucks...3) vs Philadelphia 76ers 1989 Playoffs Game 2...4) vs Philadelphia 76ers 1978 Playoffs Game 2...5) 4-6-1987 vs Philadelphia 76ers. Total run time about 1 hour 48 minutes.


Bill Bradley Night on MSG-TV...includes: 1)1964 Princeton vs Michigan black & white film...2) Partial broadcast of Bradley's first NBA game, 1967 Knickabockers vs Pistons...3)Bradley & Dave Debusschere "Teammates Forever"...4)Bill Bradley's New York Knickabocker jersey retirement ceremony...Total run time about 92 minutes.


NBA Compilation Disc: 1) Bill Bradley debut 12-9-1967 (7 minutes)...2) Partial game: Chicago vs San Francisco (21 minutes)...3) 1970 NBA Playoffs Film (23 minutes)...4) 1971 New York Knick Highlights (22 minutes) 5) 1974 NBA Finals Game 7: Boston vs Milwaukee, last of the 3rd qtr & all of the 4th qtr. (32 minutes)


NBA Compilation Disc: 1) 1971-72 Los Angeles Laker Highlight Film (23 minutes) 2) 1974 NBA Playoff Film, "The Celts are back" (23 minutes) 3) 1986 NBA Playoff video "Sweet Sixteen" (47 minutes)


Laker Dynasty Discs 1 - 10...each disc has some historical Laker games from the 1972 NBA Champions, Magic's huge night vs Philadelphia in 1980, and the Shaq-Kobe dynasty. Included in this set is best version of Game 5 of the 1972 NBA Finals between the Knicks and Lakers.



1969 & Earlier Pro Basketball


1958 NBA Finals: Boston vs St. Louis Hawks, "The Way It Was" show hosted by Curt Gowdy


1962 NBA Highlight Film, Chamberlain & Russell on the same team?! That's not even fair! Bob Pettit MVP. A very good quality black & white film. About 26 minutes


1962 NBA Finals Game 7: Boston vs Los Angeles, NBA TV rebroadcast, A very fine black and white partial game. 28 minutes from the 2nd half.


1963 NBA Finals Game 6: Boston vs Los Angeles, NBA TV, An excellent black & white rebroadcast. The whole game. Includes post game interview with Red Auerbach & Bob Cousy. Has commercials & scroll. Run time 1 hr 50 minutes.


1964 San Francisco vs Boston, a partial network telecast. Decent black & white picture. A Chamberlain vs Russell match-up! Run time about 56 minutes.


1965 Boston vs Los Angeles, Actual network telecast! Good picture! Black and white, partial game...about 30 minutes


1967 New York Knicks vs Detroit, MSN rebroadcast, Bill Bradley's first game nearly complete! Stellar black & white picture!


1967 Boston vs Philadelphia, A fine black and white rebroadcast. From the Original "Classic Sports", Chamberlain vs Russell! Partial game, but a sizable chunk saved: 1 hour and 30 minutes!


1968 ABA FINALS FILM, Pittsburgh Pipers vs New Orleans Buccaneers. 7 game series with notables: Red Robbins, Larry Brown, Doug Moe and Connie Hawkins. Also on the same disc, "The Last Night in the ABA" . From NBA TV, total run time for both shows right at 1 hour.


1969 October 18; Milwaukee Bucks vs Detroit Pistons. The 1st game for Lew Alcindor (Kareem Abdul Jabbar)


1969 NBA All-Star game, actual broadcast. Very good! COLOR


1969 NBA Finals Game 7: Boston vs Los Angeles, a partial game (4th qtr & some post game) in stunning quality. Run time about 40 minutes.

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